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VP of Engineering at leading network edge orchestration company providing products and services to some of the worlds largest telecom companies.

Customers Testimonial

“Niyuj and its team of professional leadership and developers exceeded Edgewater’s expectations. We engaged with Niyuj to increase our capacity and efficiency in new feature development, testing, automation and sustaining engineering. Niyuj has been able to maintain captive and stable team of developers and testers with a spectrum of caliber and skillsets needed for embedded, networking applications and cloud development.”

   Rumus Sakya

    VP of Engineering, Edgewater Networks

“I have worked with Niyuj on multiple projects. Without exceptions, they were able to successfully deliver what was required. This was done through careful planning that ensures a full understanding of the client’s needs, coupled with the hard work of the talented, capable team members responding to dynamic, challenging requirements.”

  Mahdi Bseiso

   Vice President, International Bank Note Society

Employees Testimonial

“I have been associated with Niyuj since 5 years and its ongoing. Niyuj is people focused and has enabled me to greatly boost my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects. There are no limitations for growth and I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself I am proud to be a part of the Niyuj family and appreciate the opportunity to realize my full potential cooperative and encouraging working culture.”

Usha Gupta

Associate Technical Architect , Niyuj Enterprise Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

“Niyuj, it’s not just an organization for me, we are family as me and my wife both work at Niyuj. Over the years, Niyuj have provided me many opportunities to boost up my career and I could see intensely in last 5 years. I worked on many projects from scratch and that’s where I learnt many technical areas along with leadership. Fun and hard work resides all at a time.”

Prashant Patil

Associate Technical Architect, Niyuj Enterprise Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“You ought to be having fun while working at Niyuj with flexible work environment. If you are adaptable and flexible enough then the company and the managers make sure to go extra mile to create flexible work environment for you. I’ve been working remotely from my hometown and that’s what the company has rewarded me for my honesty, adaptability and flexibility. I am constantly learning since 5 years not only in Technical areas but as well as in Managerial areas.”

Mohd Kashif

Technical Architect, Niyuj Enterprise Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.