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Protocols and Systems

  • Bash scripting.Build automation, device configuration, virtual environment setup.
  • Migrating from IPv4 to IPv6, Porting to arm-linux.RADIUS and TACACS configuration
  • Debugging and analysis tools like gdb, valgrind, memprof, addr2line
  • Network performance monitoring tools like hsflow, sflow, sfcapd and nfdump
  • System and memory profiling using tools like top, vnStat, valgrind, memprof, etc
  • Source control with Git, SVN, CVS and Stas
  • Bug reporting tools like Bugzilla and Jira


  • Setup two in house ESXi 5.5 Servers(ESXi)
  • VMWARE workstation
  • VMWare Player
  • Virtual Box
  • ESXi Server management from vSphere Server
  • ESXi Administration, Network Configuration
  • User Management
  • Tools: ovftool, guestmount
  • VBoxManage
  • Migrating Virtual box
  • VMware workstation to ESXi
  • Migration from hardware device to virtual images.
  • VM management using automation.


  • Using kernel hooks, process profiling and deep packet inspection to implement behavioral and signature based policies for host and network intrusion detection and prevention as well as vulnerability assessment.
  • Niyuj is an authority on both offensive and defensive security technology for both network and host infrastructure. – Whether it is developing products that offer zero day protection to critical server farms to building network security devices that monitor and protect network infrastructure.  Our Security practice applies our experience.
  • Expertise in kernel level programming, deep packet inspection.
  • vulnerability assessments to building cutting edge products deployed in fortune 100 companies globally.
  • Our security practice also leverages recent developments in virtualization, automation.
  • Our security focus has been in two areas: custom product engineering and security assessment services.


  • Niyuj has partnered with customers to automate the software development (SDLC) and test (STLC) life cycles resulting in shorter in development and QA cycles while improving quality and cutting down manual errors.
  • Niyuj has partnered with customers to automate the software development (SDLC) and test (STLC) life cycles. Our customers are under pressure to deliver products faster with higher quality for the global audience.
  • They have embraced agile development methodologies and have embarked on cutting down the time to market to remain competitive.
  •  Niyuj is delivering innovation by automating builds, deployments and configurations, and QA.
  • Using object oriented Python and Ruby scripting we leverage automation off-the-shelf frameworks such JMeter, Selenium WebDriver, and Robot for QA, Jenkins, Chef, Git, Jira for automated build and deployments to virtual machines (VMware, KVM, Xen), Docker containers, and Windows and Linux servers.