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The Challenge


  • Leading eye wear online shopping portal with collaborative features.
  • Buzzing as leading brand in India around E-commerce.


  • Improve revenue and drastically increase customer engagement is always been concern for E-commerce brands from competitive landscape.
  • Upselling and cross selling using recommendation engine became necessity for the E-commerce vendor.

The Solution

Niyuj’s Value Creation

  • Built predictive analytics model with a confluence of traditional analytics and next-generation analytics capabilities.
  • Customer able to analyze trends, patterns and relationships in structured and unstructured data and applied insights to predict future events to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Portfolio of products combines statistical analysis, predictive modeling, decision optimization and data collection.
  • Increase in revenue and customer engagement by 8%..


  • It took 8 weeks for customer to get recommendation engine up and running on their site.
  • Associated since 4 years